What is Havillah Pathway UK?

Havillah Pathway UK is a Billingshurst-based organisation supporting the Havillah Children’s Home in Kitale, Kenya.

We are a UK Trust that gives every penny raised to the Orphanage.

What is the Havillah Children’s Home?            

       Giving a Kenyan child or young person a brighter future

The Havillah Children’s Home is a home founded in 2010 to offer refuge and a new start to abandoned and orphaned children in Kitale, Kenya.  The home aims to provide a safe refuge for children who would otherwise be living on the streets and offers them an upbringing filled with security and hope.  The home was founded by Milly Dindi, an inspirational lady from Kenya who gave up her job as a teacher in order to provide a home for these children and become their full time carer.

A group from local churches went to Havillah Orphanage both in February 2016 and again in April 2018, to help build and refurbish. Milly is an amazing lady with a huge heart, who has taken in 63 children and 10 young adults from the ages of 2 to 20. Her action is in response to Kenya’s overwhelming problem with abandoned and orphaned children.  Milly has created a truly loving family atmosphere for these orphans, and she makes things happen – starting a school because the children needed one. She really values the children – the name Havillah means ‘place of gold’ – ie the children are precious, despite being orphaned. The children are really friendly and helpful, and many are intelligent and able to go on to secondary education. Milly has a separate house for the young adults, where they are taught vocational skills, aswell as life skills.

You can see more on the Orphanage website http://www.heartsof-mercy.org/

Milly is using her former family home in Saiwa, Kipsaina, near Kitale, Kenya, to house these children – in only 7 bedrooms. The Kenyan authorities have been asking her to take on average 1 more child per month, so accommodation is a growing problem. Milly initially used her income to run it until about 2014, when a German church and then people from Billingshurst Family Church became involved,  contributing to general funds (for food, clothes and primary education), also to limited sponsorship of individuals for secondary education –as securing their future is essential.  A new Boys block has also been funded, and The Rotary Club of Billingshurst and District has helped financially.

The children go to the school, then some go to secondary school, and the remaining youth are given vocational training – see the photos below.  Our aim is to enable them to become self-sufficient, successfully making their own way in life as young adults.

A perimeter wall and new Boys’ block has also been funded and built, to meet Kenyan regulations for children’s homes 

Havillah Pathway UK would really value your regular support to meet the primary need to feed, clothe  and educate the children – also to train the older ones in a vocation. This is obviously an ongoing need.  Please see our ‘Can you help’ page and also the ‘Havillah’s costs’ page for more details of what a regular donation from yourself will help to achieve.

We have worked with the staff of Havillah for over 3 years, and have long known the lady who handles the finances. We have found them to be very honest and open, with a passion for helping the children.

Please will you help Havillah to cover the costs of meeting these pressing needs.  

Please contact me (by email) at  mark@havillahpathwayuk.org  (I can send BACs details)

or use the Donate button below and then choose ‘Donate with a card’ – Thank you